Peter has valiantly led the charge to raise a large amount of money for Hearts & Souls this year whilst we are in COVID-19 restrictions and in many previous years. The money given will provide much-needed funds for the Cardiac rehabilitation programme in Bucks.

In total, Peter and supporters have raised £4,604 for H&S! His drive to help is truly inspiring, he has arranged for himself and participated in the following in support of H&S since being a patient through rehab at Wycombe:

• 2017 the H&S London Bridges Walk – £1,797
• 2018 the H&S Summer Thames Valley Walk – £220
• 2019 the Ridge Off Roader 10k Run – £1,444
• 2020 – The Maidenhead Run £1,143

To read his full story from heart attack to recent events click here

Hearts and Souls are very grateful for all of Peter’s fundraising efforts and for all his supporters for their generosity. These funds will pay for vital exercise sessions, equipment, and specialist trainers so that people recovering from heart surgery and cardiac events can get back to normal.

We still need your support. Hearts and Souls have sadly had to cancel all their fundraising activities in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to raise money for Hearts and Souls, please email us, we would be so very grateful. Or please donate this Christmas; you never know when you or someone close might be grateful for the rehabilitation service.

To Donate: